Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes through Faculty's Active Learning Practices


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Active learning, Learning outcomes, Student engagement, Higher education


The implementation of active learning practices in Higher Education Institutions (HEI)has become increasingly prevalent as educators strive to enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes. engagement and improve learning outcomes. This article explores various active learning practices employed by faculty to enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes. The data for the survey was collected through an online self-administered questionnaire by faculty members from an Argentinian state university (n=27). The main result of this article highlights the importance of creating interactive and student-centered learning environments through the implementation of various active learning strategies. In conclusion, the utilization of active learning practices by faculty members represents a powerful pedagogical approach that can transform higher education. By creating dynamic, interactive, and student-centered learning environments, faculty members can optimize student engagement and improve learning outcomes. Thus, it is imperative for HEIs to recognize the value of active learning and provide the necessary support for faculty members to embrace and implement these practices effectively.


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